Hot Enough to Melt Glass

by vernoje

tiff infomation

Balcony at 102 degrees

Going to be a hot one today in Arizona.  As my uncle used to say, “Hot enough to melt glass.”  The weather guy says 108 degrees before it’s over. Not quite there yet, but the day is young.  I’m sitting in a room at Scottsdale Gainey Ranch Resort.  The air inside is a cool 77 degrees as I gaze out the sliding glass doors checking for signs of bulging and deformation indicating the melting process has begun.

Scottsdale is a place Tucsonans flee to when the summer heat reaches its boiling point. The Phoenix area usually runs about five degrees warmer than Tucson.  So, the attraction may not immediately be apparent. However, the intense heat is exactly what makes Scottsdale a prime summertime destination.  Wealthy snow-birds from Minnesota, Illinois, New York and other cold winter states aren’t interested in paying resort prices in July.

We paid $126 per night for this room (not including the resort fee).  Just for fun I checked on the price for the same room in October.  It would cost us $346 with no free breakfast.  So, here we sit acting rich, sipping our flavored carbonated waters and talking about going down to the fitness center for a workout.  Thank God for those few clear centimeters between us and nature’s fiery furnace.